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About Ytsera Air Flight School

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Our Story

The story of Ytsera Air is one of innovative thinking and dedication to personal wellness. With the understanding that true wellness extends beyond physical well-being, our founders, Ben and Toby, conceived Ytsera Air as a means to provide holistic, meaningful experiences that contribute to mental, emotional, and spiritual health. YtseraAir's mission is to create spaces and experiences that foster personal growth, even while on the move.


Our Vision​

At Ytsera Air, we envision a future where the joy and thrill of flying are accessible to all. Through education, training, and community engagement, we aim to inspire a new generation of pilots and aviation enthusiasts. Our vision extends beyond the cockpit; we seek to foster a sense of adventure, exploration, and personal growth, creating a world where dreams take flight.

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Our Values

We are more than just a provider of services; we are a companion on the journey to personal growth. Embracing an adventurous spirit and upholding high standards of excellence, our alignment with values of integrity, professionalism, and sustainability fortifies our position as a trusted guide, resonating with those who seek to explore the world of aviation.

  • High Standard of Training
  • Safety First
  • Community Alignment & Support
  • Integrity & Authenticity

We Would Love to Hear From You!

Whether you have questions, are looking to pursue a career in aviation, or simply want to connect with us, fill in the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.