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Ytsera Air Welcomes Pilots

Ytsera Welcome Pilot?

Welcome, Pilot.

You've tasted the thrill of the skies, felt the rhythm of flight, and earned your wings. At Ytsera Air, we recognize and salute your achievements. But the journey of an aviator is ever-evolving, filled with opportunities to refine skills, embrace new challenges, and connect with a community of like-minded enthusiasts. Whether you're seeking advanced training, looking to rent aircraft, or simply wanting to be part of a vibrant aviation community, Ytsera Air is your trusted co-pilot in this continuous journey. Welcome back to the skies, where every flight writes a new chapter in your aviation story.

Our Services

Instrument Proficiency Check

An Instrument Proficiency Check is required for a Pilot in Command with an Instrument Rating if they have exceeded the allowed grace period for currency as outlined in FAR 61.57(c) and 61.57(d) and plan to fly on an IFR flight plan, or, fly in conditions below VFR minimums. The ground portion will cover a comprehensive scope of all instrument procedures, planning, weather, navigation, risk management, and emergency procedures. The flight portion will regain currency and cover tracking, intercepting, holds, precision, and non-precision approaches, missed approaches, navigation systems, ATC communication, partial panel, and unusual attitudes, among other items outlined. Flights and approaches will likely take place at KBTV and KPBG. A detailed plan of the Ground and Flight portion will be confirmed by the CFII upon booking.

An Instrument Rating can be added to an existing Private Pilot Certificate or a Commercial Pilot Certificate with the purpose of flying on an IFR flight plan, or flying in conditions as PIC under VFR weather minimums. Student must be at least 17 years old, hold a current US Private Pilot Certificate or current US Commercial Pilot Certificate, read, write, speak, and understand the English language, hold a current medical certificate, receive ground instruction from a home study course, and plan to take and pass the FAA Written IRA exam prior to training completion. Training outlines can be found in FAR 61.65.

Price: starting at $74 per hour.

Biennial Flight Reviews

Stay at the forefront of aviation proficiency with our structured Biennial Flight Reviews. Our Certified Flight Instructors (CFI) collaboratively design a blend of ground and flight training tailored to not only fulfill FAA mandates but also align with your personal objectives for continuous improvement. With Ytsera Air, it's about more than just ticking boxes—it's about elevating your flying journey.

Price: starting at $60 per hour.

Rusty Pilot Program

The sky remembers its own, and it's never too late to return. If time has lapsed since your last flight, our Rusty Pilot Program is here to help you reacquaint with the skies. We'll guide you through a refresher, ensuring you regain confidence, skill, and the joy of flight.

Price: starting at $60 per hour.

Advanced Flight Instruction

Deepen your aviation acumen with our comprehensive Flight Instruction offerings. Whether you're aiming to bolster specific skills, delve into advanced techniques, or simply desire to learn from seasoned instructors, Ytsera Air stands as your beacon of knowledge. Let's chart your next learning trajectory together.

Price: starting at $60 per hour.

Safety Pilot Services

Safety and assurance in flight are paramount. If you're in need of a CFI to accompany you as a Safety Pilot, Ytsera Air is at your service. Fly with confidence, knowing you're backed by our expertise every nautical mile.

Price: starting at $60 per hour.

Instruction in Owner's Aircraft

Mastering your personal aircraft is both a privilege and a responsibility. Partner with Ytsera Air's adept Flight Instructors to refine your command over your own machine. From emergency protocols and avionics navigation to specialized training tailored for your aircraft model, we're here to ensure you fly with prowess and peace of mind.

Price: starting at $60 per hour.

You can find us at

Aviation museum at KCDA
2107 Pudding Hill Road
Lyndonville VT 05851

Office hours:
Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm

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