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Welcome to Ytsera Air's

Ground School​

Ground School at Ytsera Air is the bedrock of your aviation journey. It's where the intricate tapestry of flight is unraveled, laying out the fundamental principles every pilot must master. Beyond just theory, our Ground School instills a deep understanding of the science and regulations governing the skies. It's a structured realm of learning, ensuring that before you take to the air, you're equipped with the knowledge and confidence to navigate it safely and proficiently.

What Can You Expect From Ground School with Ytsera Air?

At Ytsera Air, our Ground School is more than just a series of lessons—it's the cornerstone of your aviation aspirations. Here, we meld rigorous academic standards with our unique brand of holistic learning, ensuring every student emerges not only prepared but also deeply connected to the world of flight. Here's what you can expect from joining our Ground School:

Solid Aviation Foundation

Dive deep into the core principles of flying, ensuring you're well-equipped for any aerial challenge.

Safety Emphasis

Understand the importance of safety protocols and practices, making you a more responsible and confident pilot.

Interactive Learning

Engage with dynamic lessons and discussions that bring theoretical concepts to life.

Real-World Scenarios

Practical case studies and scenarios help translate theory into actionable knowledge, readying you for real flight challenges.

Community Building

Connect with fellow aviation enthusiasts, fostering a supportive learning environment.

Clear Progression Path

Completing Ground School sets the stage for a seamless transition to in-air flight training, guiding you on a clear trajectory towards achieving your pilot dreams.

All Class Materials Included

Items included:
- Pilot logbook
- Airman knowledge testing supplement book
- Rotating Plotter

- Electronic E6B Flight Computer
- Private Pilot Oral Exam Guide
- Prepware Private Pilot Testing Software

Who is this For?

Ytsera Air's Ground School is tailored for the dreamers ready to anchor their aspirations in solid understanding, the curious minds eager to decode the science behind the skies, and the dedicated souls yearning for a genuine connection to aviation. Whether you're taking the first step towards a piloting career, a hobbyist aiming for a deeper understanding, or someone revisiting aviation fundamentals, our our school stands as a beacon, guiding all with a passion for flight.

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How does it work?

Your Itinerary

At Ytsera Air, we believe in structured, comprehensive learning that ensures every student is well-prepared and confident. Here's a breakdown of what our Ground School journey entails:

12 or 6 Comprehensive Sessions: Designed to cover the breadth and depth of content featured in the FAA Knowledge test. This rigorous curriculum not only prepares you for the test but also sets a robust foundation for your subsequent Private Pilot training.

Collaborative Group Learning: Benefit from the collective knowledge and experiences of your peers. Engaging group sessions foster a collaborative learning environment, allowing students to share insights, ask questions, and learn from each other.

Instructor-Led Q&A Sessions: Every question is an opportunity to learn. Our Ground School Instructor, also a Certified Flight Instructor, hosts dedicated Q&A sessions to address any queries, ensuring clarity and reinforcing learning.

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How Does Online Ground School Work?

Ground School

Online Ground School will cover the same material as In-Person.

Classes will be held via Zoom and you will have a flexibility to join them from your the comfort of your home.

You will be able to communicate with other students through the student portal and group chats.

A total of 12 classes, each lasting 3 hours.

12 weeks and 6 week intensive training available.

Ground School Curriculum

Ground School is a 12 week (1 x 3 hour class per week) online or in person, or, an intensive 6 week (2 x 3 hour classes per week) online or in person offered on selective dates throughout the 2024 calendar year. This course prepares students to successfully take their Private Pilot FAA Written Exam required to obtain their Private Pilot Certificate.

We cover the following topics and include questions that will appear on the actual exam:

Class 1: Aircraft Systems
Class 2: Aerodynamics
Class 3: Flight Instruments
Class 4: Federal Aviation Regulations
Class 5: Airport Operations and Procedures
Class 6: Weather and Weather Services
Class 7: Aircraft Performance
Class 8: Navigation & Airspace
Class 9: Cross Country Planning
Class 10: Communications
Class 11: Final Review
Class 12: Practice Test & Apply for Student Pilot Certificate & Medical Certificate

Students will have weekly reading, video, and online quiz assignments due prior to the next class. After Week 12, a student must show 2 Practice Exams of 85% or above to receive an endorsement to take the FAA Written Exam at an in person testing site near them. Assistance with registration will be provided. (The cost for the exam is $175 that goes directly to the testing site).

A student must pass the FAA Written Exam with a 70% or better to be considered a passing grade by the FAA.x

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Ground School provides the foundational theoretical knowledge required for piloting an aircraft. It covers topics ranging from aerodynamics and navigation to weather and regulations, preparing students for the FAA Knowledge test and practical flight training.
  • Each session lasts 3 hours. 
  • There are a total of 12 sessions in our Ground School program.
  • No, our Ground School is designed for beginners. We start with the basics and build up to more advanced concepts.
  • The classes are taught by our Ground School Instructor, who is also a Certified Flight Instructor with extensive experience in aviation education.
  • Yes, assessments are conducted to gauge your understanding and to prepare you for the FAA Knowledge test.
  • We recommend attending all sessions for a comprehensive understanding. However, if you miss a session, we'll provide resources to help you catch up.
  • Ground School primarily focuses on theoretical knowledge. The practical component comes later when you start your in-flight training.
  • Yes, we provide all necessary study materials and additional resources to aid your learning.
  • Ground School is the first step. Once you complete it and pass the FAA Knowledge test, you can proceed to the practical flight training portion to further your journey towards becoming a certified pilot.
  • Participants must be at least 15 years old. While there's no upper age limit, it's essential that participants are in good health and able to pass medical exam that fits FAA standards.

Here’s What Our Previous Students Say

Upcoming Ground School Dates

JAN 10 2024

In-Person - 12 Weeks

Every Wednesday 5 - 8pm


Training has ended

Sold out

JAN 18 2024

Online Live - 12 Weeks

Every Thursday 5 - 8pm



APR 15 2024

Online Live - 6 Week Intensive

Mondays & Thursdays 5 - 8pm


Training in progress

JUL 9 2024

In-Person - 6 Week Intensive

Tuesdays 5pm - 8pm & Saturdays 9am - 12pm


JUL 10 2024

Online Live - 6 Week Intensive

Wednesdays 5pm - 8pm and Sundays 1pm - 4pm


Sold out

SEP 4 2024

Online Live - 12 Weeks

Every Wednesday 5 - 8pm


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