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What To Expect On A Ytsera Air Discovery Flight


A Ytsera Air Discovery Flight Experience serves as the initial blast of air beneath the wings of one’s aviation aspirations. Located amidst the picturesque Vermont landscapes, this excursion offers not only an enlightening glimpse into the world of aviation but also a scenic journey. 

If you’ve ever been fascinated by the sky, the Ytsera Air curriculum provides an intensive experience that has the ability to turn your aviation passion into a position of leadership. This excursion will provide aspiring aviators with the opportunity to witness the complicated interplay between machinery and air, as well as Vermont’s breathtaking environment, from above.

The Step-By-Step Process Of A Discovery Flight

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The adventure starts the moment you walk into Ytsera Air-friendly Pilot School. You’ll meet your trained instructor here, who will walk you through each stage of the flight. 

Pre-Flight Briefing

Upon arriving at the aviation school, you will be warmly greeted by your flight instructor. The journey begins with a pre-flight briefing, where you’ll learn about the basics of flight and the fundamentals of operating an aircraft. This is an informative session designed to familiarize you with the principles that make flight possible and to brief you on safety procedures.

Aircraft Introduction

Next, you’ll be introduced to the aircraft you’ll be flying. This is where your ground instruction comes into play, giving you a chance to see the controls, instruments, and features of the plane up close. You’ll learn about the importance of pre-flight inspections and what to look for to ensure a safe flight.

Cockpit Familiarization

Once the pre-flight checks are complete, you’ll climb into the cockpit with your instructor. Here, you’ll get a hands-on introduction to the aircraft’s controls, learning what each instrument does and how the controls affect the plane’s movements. Your instructor will explain the function of the yoke, rudder pedals, throttle, and other essential controls.


The most thrilling part of the flight is the takeoff. You’ll feel the aircraft accelerate down the runway and lift into the sky!

In-Flight Experience

Once in the air, you’ll have the option to take the controls under the supervision of your instructor. You’ll get a sense of how the aircraft feels in flight while learning how to execute modest maneuvers, climbs, and descents. This is where you really get a feel for what it’s like to fly an aeroplane.

Scenic Tour

As part of the experience, you’ll fly over the beautiful Vermont landscape, taking in breathtaking views from a perspective that few get to enjoy. It’s a perfect blend of learning and sightseeing.


As your discovery flight nears its end, your instructor will guide you through the landing process. You’ll learn how pilots approach the runway, manage speed, and gently bring the aircraft back to the ground.

Post-Flight Debriefing

Back on solid ground, you’ll have a post-flight debriefing with your instructor where you may review the flight, ask questions, and reflect on the experience. If you want to continue your training to become a pilot, now is the time to ask about the following steps.

The Sights And Sensations Of Flying Over Vermont

As you ascend, the world unfolds beneath you in a tapestry of green mountains, serene lakes, and quaint towns. The experience of controlling the aircraft as you glide over the iconic Vermont landscape is exhilarating. 

The changing seasons paint the terrain in an array of colours, offering a unique experience each time you fly. The sensation of freedom is unmatched, and you’ll understand why the art of flight has captivated humans for centuries.

How Discovery Flights Pave The Way To Becoming A Pilot

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Discovery flights are much more than just an aerial tour; they are a cornerstone experience for those considering a career in aviation. Here’s how they lay the groundwork for becoming a pilot:

Inspiration and Motivation

A discovery flight can ignite the passion for flying. The visceral experience of controlling an aircraft and seeing the world from above can be incredibly motivating, often confirming an individual’s desire to pursue aviation as a career.

First Logbook Entry

While it may be your first time at the controls, the time spent on a discovery flight counts as instructional time. It will be logged in your pilot logbook, which becomes a record of your progress and experience as a pilot.

Understanding the Commitment

Becoming a pilot requires dedication and commitment. A discovery flight provides a realistic insight into the learning process, the discipline required, and the exhilaration of flight. It allows potential pilots to make an informed decision about entering a flight training program.

Hands-On Experience

There’s no substitute for hands-on experience. A discovery flight puts you in the pilot’s seat, not just as a passenger but as an active participant. This experience is invaluable and provides a glimpse into the skills and coordination required to fly an aircraft.

Overcoming Apprehension

For some, the idea of piloting an aircraft can be daunting. A discovery flight is a gentle introduction that can help alleviate fears by demonstrating the safety protocols and training that make flying a secure mode of transportation.

Building a Relationship with a Flight School

A discovery flight allows you to interact with flight instructors and get a feel for the training environment. This can be a major factor in deciding which aviation school to attend. It’s an opportunity to ask questions, understand the curriculum, and see if the school’s culture is a good fit for your learning style.

Gaining Knowledge for Informed Decisions

After a discovery flight, you will have firsthand experience and information about the learning process, which is crucial when considering the financial and time investments needed for flight training. It can help you plan your path, whether it’s aiming for a private pilot certificate or setting your sights on a commercial pilot career.

Answering Common Questions About Discovery Flights

Many people find discovery trips to be an exciting way to start flying, but people who want to fly often have a lot of questions. To help you understand what to expect, here are some answers to typical questions:

1. What exactly is a discovery flight?

A discovery flight, also known as an introductory flight, is a short flight experience intended to familiarize you with the basics of flying an aircraft. It’s typically conducted with a certified flight instructor who will guide you through flying an aeroplane for the first time.

2. Who can go on a discovery flight?

Almost anyone interested in flying can go on a discovery flight. There are few restrictions, though you generally need to be at least 16 years of age to fly the plane under an instructor’s guidance. Weight restrictions may also apply based on the aircraft’s limitations.

3. Do I need any prior knowledge or experience?

No prior knowledge or experience is required for a discovery flight. It is designed as an educational experience for complete beginners.

4. How long does the flight last?

The length of the flight can vary depending on the flight school’s offerings, but typically a discovery flight lasts between 30 minutes to an hour.

5. What will I learn during a discovery flight?

You will learn the basics of aircraft operation, including how to perform pre-flight checks, what each control does, the basics of aerodynamics, and how to communicate with air traffic control. You’ll also experience the sensation of piloting an aircraft with hands-on guidance from your instructor.

6. Can I actually fly the plane?

Yes, under the supervision of your flight instructor, you will have the opportunity to take the controls and fly the aircraft. However, the amount of control you have will be at the discretion of the instructor, based on safety and your comfort level.

7. What should I bring with me on a discovery flight?

You should bring a government-issued photo ID, wear comfortable clothing suitable for the weather, and consider bringing sunglasses, as glare at altitude can be quite intense. If you’re prone to motion sickness, you may want to take preventative measures before the flight.

8. How do I schedule a discovery flight?

You can schedule a discovery flight by contacting a local flight school or aviation academy directly. Ytsera Air, like many flight training providers in Vermont, offers easy scheduling via phone or the website at 

9. Will the discovery flight count towards my pilot’s license?

Yes, the time you spend on a discovery flight will count toward the flight hours required should you decide to pursue a pilot’s license.

10. How much does it cost?

The cost of a discovery flight varies by location and flight school, but they are generally offered at an introductory rate that is lower than standard flight instruction fees. Here at Ytsera Air, we have two options, you can find the latest prices and information on our Discovery Flight page.

Capturing The Moment: Tips For Documenting Your Discovery Flight

Documenting your discovery flight is about capturing memories and milestones. Tips include:

  • Pre-Flight Preparation: Charge your camera or phone, bring a backup battery, and ensure you have ample storage space for photos and videos.
  • Safety First: Always follow your instructor’s guidance on when it’s safe to take photos or videos.
  • The Right Gear: A strap for your camera can secure it during the flight. For smartphones, consider a sturdy case to protect against drops.
  • Perfect Timing: Capture takeoff, a few landscape shots, selfies with the cockpit in the background, and the moment of landing to tell the full story of your flight.
  • Stable Shots: Use the horizon to align your photos, and if your device has it, enable image stabilization to counteract the vibration of the aircraft.
  • After the Flight: Consider taking photos with your instructor and the aircraft once you’re back on the ground for a perfect conclusion to your adventure.


A Ytsera Air Discovery Flight Experience is not just a mere introduction to aviation; it’s a transformative encounter that blends the joy of flight with educational knowledge, set against the breathtaking background of Vermont’s landscapes. Whether you’re just curious about planes for the first time or planning to make flying your career, this adventure will make you fall in love with flying all over again. When it comes to Ytsera Air, the stars are just the beginning. 

If you feel inspired, contact us today and let’s talk air!